3cm Rough Grain Vegan Belt - Black Buckle


Made in the UK from high quality rough-grain EU-made microfibre.

The belt strap is 3cm wide and 4mm thick, with 5 holes for adjusting the size, and comes fitted with an Italian-made square black buckle.

We make this belt from 26 to 46 inches long. The belt lengths shown are from the buckle end of the material to the middle hole. The holes are approximately 1 inch apart so you will have some option to loosen or tighten the belt.

Belts on smart/office trousers are often worn around the waist, whereas belts on jeans can often be worn closer to the hips. To find the right size, measure yourself at the point you will be wearing your belt, pulling the tape a little firmly (as if it was a belt). Simply select the belt size that best matches your measurement.