Everything we manufacture and sell will always be produced under fair working conditions for the people physically making the items. The process of actually ensuring the rights and conditions of workers and demonstrating it can be complicated even for very large companies with vast resources, but as we grow we will try our best to do just that. We don't think that production should just be concentrated in developing countries though - we support UK and EU production too.

We will never use any animal ingredients in anything we produce. We don't need animal products to live a happy and fulfilling life, and animals feel pain and emotional distress - something that any pet-owner or animal-lover knows. On a global level, animal-free alternatives cause less damage to the environment then their traditional animal-based counterparts, and modern alternatives to leather and suede are also very durable and can be water-resistant too, so there really is no need.

We don't like the phrase 'environmentally-friendly' as it can be misleading. All production has an effect on the planet and the local environment. Wherever possible we will look to utilise materials and processes that are 'low-impact' or better than other alternatives - from the production to the packaging. Scale is relevant - until we are able to produce everything exactly the way we would like it, we will have to make compromises, but we know what we want to do and how we would like to do it and we have a plan!