Sei - Grey


The Sei is our tyre-soled chukka boot.

High quality soft grey faux-suede microfibre upper, smooth anti-microbial microfibre lining & a hard-wearing tyre sole reclaimed from real car tyres.

Cool, comfortable, breathable and hard-wearing. Like most stitch-down style footwear, its designed mainly for dry-weather and isn't going to keep your feet dry in the rain due to how they are constructed.

Made under fair working conditions in Portugal and free from any animal ingredients.

The Sei is a whale is one of the fastest whales in the oceans, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour despite being the third largest living animal on the planet weighing 20-tons and measuring up to 20m long. Like many whales, the Sei is now endangered.

For more information go and see the WWF website.