Beluga stitchdown - Black & Brass


The Beluga stitchdown is our tyre-soled derby shoe.

High quality black rough-grain microfibre upper, smooth anti-microbial microfibre lining & a hard-wearing tyre sole reclaimed from real car tyres.

Cool, comfortable, breathable and hard-wearing. Although the upper is very water resistant, like most stitch-down style footwear, its designed mainly for dry-weather and isn't the best choice for keep your feet dry in the rain due to how they are constructed.

The microfibre upper is washable upto 60c (but don't put the boots in a washing machine!), has very high abrasion resistance and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004 and Oekotex 2005AN2562 certified and REACH compliant.

Made under fair working conditions in Portugal and free from any animal ingredients.

The Beluga whale is a sociable animal nick-named "the canary of the sea" due to the wide range of sounds it uses. It has gone from 'threatened' to 'endangered' in a number of places, affected amongst other things by vessels that support oil and gas development meaning increased underwater noise affecting their ability to communicate and hunt.

For more information, there was an article written for CBC/Radio Canada.